Ten Questions to Consider when Considering Technology

I enjoyed talking with about 40 people who attended my session at the CASE V conference here in Chicago. As is often the case, some people were just getting started with social media while others were quite advanced. I hope my presentation generated some starting points for people no matter their level of expertise. We formed six small discussion groups and when I visited each one I heard a lot of information being exchanged.

As a followup I would offer the following set of points I shamelessley borrow from the technology gurus at Brown University’s AISR group. These can help guide decisions about incorporating new tools into one’s communication portfolio.

  1. What problem are we trying to solve? What effect do we want to achieve? What specific benefit will the use of technology provide?
  2. Can a tool grow out of an existing tool or existing work process?
  3. What is the essence of this tool? Collect information, communicate externally, communicate internally, analyze data, facilitate collaboration?
  4. How do we envision using this tool?
  5. How will we know if the use of this tool is successful? Do we have a plan to follow up on implementation and evaluate success and effectiveness?
  6. How do we get input from potential users before developing tool?
  7. How do we anticipate working with Technology on design and ongoing research, development, and implementation?
  8. What investment of time/effort will be needed to continue to add to, maintain the content of the tool?
  9. What work will this tool save? What work will it create?
  10. How do we anticipate ongoing development of technology use to facilitate, support and extend our work?

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