A CASE for Chicago

chicago skyline

Lots of talk about social media and online networking in higher education here at the annual CASE V conference in Chicago. Today Renee Basick and Aaron Rester presented the session, “Embracing web 2.0 and new media communications.” Roundtable discussions discussed what works and what doesn’t in new media; pros and cons in your digital community; and using online networking to support alumni relationships. Stephanie Judge, Dora Lutz, and Kate King presented a session on vodcasting (video podcasting) as a student recruitment tool, and Elizabeth Allen presented a session for alumni relations specialists, “Making online networks work for you.”

Tomorrow morning Annette Levitt, Michelle Martin, and Elizabeth Allen present a session called “Technology: it’s not going away; learn to embrace it!” and will discuss online communities. Just before the grand luncheon I’ll talk about measuring interactive media.


2 Responses to A CASE for Chicago

  1. Aaron Rester says:

    Hi Paul,

    Great to meet you the other day. Your readers might be interested to see the presentation you mention above:


    Also, if you’d like to keep an eye on what we’re doing at the University of Chicaog Law School, we have an Electronic Projects blog: http://uchicagolaw.typepad.com/electronicprojects/

  2. paul says:

    Hi Aaron. Likewise.
    Thanks for participating in the session.
    The presentation you link to is well done.
    I’ve subscribed to the Electronic Projects blog.

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