A Research Exchange

November 7, 2012
We solicit your input for a proposed ‘research exchange’ that would serve the needs of practitioners, administrators, and researchers.
Adam Gamoran (Wisconsin Center for Education Research) and Jack Jorgensen (UW-Madison Education Outreach and Partnerships) have signed a formal agreement proposing ways to strengthen the connection between the research conducted at WCER and outreach activities conducted by School of Education.
One outgrowth of this initiative is the proposal to create a “Research Exchange,” or central hub in the School of Education where faculty/researcher needs and interests related to educational research are matched with the needs of the educational community, and vice versa.
Although based at UW-Madison, this exchange would seek to serve statewide interests and, beyond Wisconsin, practitioners and researchers more generally.
We solicit your ideas to help further shape this idea.  We also plan to talk with groups of superintendents, district  staff, and community organizations.
We are reaching out to you as a valuable source of ideas for shaping such a service.
Do you know of similar initiatives?
What might such an Exchange look like?
What services might you, as a teacher, researcher, or administrator, find most useful?
Jack Jorgensen
Paul Baker