Reaching learners with disabilities

I’ve posted videos of 3 presentations from yesterday’s conference for staff of Wisconsin’s Cooperative Educational Service Agencies. This year’s theme was Serving students with special needs and low-incidence disabilities.

Inclusion and social justice approaches to educating youth with disabilities from diverse backgrounds.
Audrey Trainor is associate professor of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education. Her interest areas include multicultural and bilingual special education, second language acquisition and disability, adolescent transition to adulthood, and qualitative research methods. She recently analyzed data from the National Longitudinal Transition Study-2 (NLTS2), focusing on the transition of students with high incidence disabilities.

Using technology to improve literacy for struggling adolescent readers.
Kimber Wilkerson is professor of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education. Her research aims to improve long-term outcomes for children and adolescents with social, behavioral, and mental health needs. Recent projects have focused on academic instruction in juvenile corrections; academic interventions that affect children’s social outcomes; and accountability policies and practices in special education. An ongoing project is the Day Treatment, Residential, & Juvenile Correctional Schools Program. Carly Roberts is a doctoral student with experience in reading interventions for adolescents with low incidence disabilities.

Video teleconferencing to support families of children with autism spectrum disorders.
Wendy Machalicek is assistant professor of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education. Her interests include individualized interventions and system wide supports for students with severe disabilities, including autism, intellectual disabilities, and multiple disabilities; effectiveness of teacher and parent education; applied behavior analysis; and using technology in professional development and family support.


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