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Ed Money dot org

Education writers and journalists will be checking out, a resource that shows spending on K-12 education from the federal economic-stimulus law in states and school districts nationwide.

The site currently features data on $62.1 billion in grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including 39,594 grants to 12,408 school districts and other education agencies across the country. is the only national website to link district-by-district spending with demographic data from the federal Common Core of Data.

Education Writers Association Assistant Director Lori Crouch says the site shows how districts’ grant information stacks up to others of similar size. “You can compare how fast urban, suburban, and rural districts are spending their money,” she said. “And you can see if your district is spending stimulus money at a faster clip than the rest of the state, or whether it’s holding on to a particular grant.” is  a project of the EWA with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was developed  with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Matt Waite.


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