What is your personal brand?

Me 2.0

Book review
Me 2.0: Build a powerful brand to achieve career success
Dan Schwabel
Kaplan Publishing, 2009. 236 pp.

This book aims to help readers manage their careers in the Web 2.0 world and to use emerging media to achieve their goals.

A personal branding expert, Dan Schwabel helps his fellow Generation Y professionals find their way into the world of work through his Personal Branding blog and Personal Branding Magazine.

Schwabel corrects the misconception that personal branding means changing who you are to fit others’ expectations. While image management is typically a product of conscious manipulation, he says, personal branding is about sincerity.

In a world where technology is changing the way we manage our careers, express our value, and communicate with one another, successful personal branding will “grant you real meaning and opportunities for success in your life” if you embrace your passion in the workplace and socially.

How did he do it? When he began his career there were maybe 5 blogs about personal branding, but no Gen Y bloggers were among them. He took the opportunity jump in and differentiate his own personal brand.

Once you’re in the workplace, he says, you will thrive not through ruthless competition with your co-workers, but by positioning yourself as a natural leader and by gaining visibility. Gen X and Gen Y can benefit from each other, he says. Gen X has real-world experience and corporate seniority, while Gen Y has a level of technical savvy that can benefit their older colleagues.


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