Riding the backchannel

downtown san diego

For a running commentary from the point of view of an average (albeit technologically skilled) person attending the AERA convention this week, you can go to the Twitter search page and follow the keyword AERA.

As an alternative, check the Wiki where the sidebar streams (a limited number of) live text messages.

If you have a twitter account, you can follow @AERAtweetup, as 155 already do, or you can just follow the hashtag #AERA.

Sample recent comments cover session contents, the quality of facilities, recommended places to eat:

Best Jim Gee quote of day: “School has gotten rid of the game, but it kept the manual.”

AERA filled with iPhones, am jealous. Going back to Marriott (Salon/Hall 3) for poster, tho am sad to give up wireless!

Great (albeit short) last second talk by Marc Lamont Hill on youth culture, new media, and Discourses of resistance.

Just taking AP classes do not predict college performance-Dick Atkinson

Virtual learning environments presented over 1.5 hours using straight (mostly bad) PPT + verbal presentation. Shocking/disappointing

Need to check out “Stages of Adoption Inventory”

Beach City Market has reasonably priced breakfast

i’m at the #aera new directions in learning & instruction session (39.025)… looks like it’s gonna be crowded bc room is tinyyyy.

Getting ready to present at AERA on using Acrobat to aggregate dissertation media.

Finished my stuff for AERA today…. good sessions tomorrow– too bad they are all scheduled at the same time.

AERA New media talk – C. Steinkuehler awesome! – relates to r study of youth & social media & cognitive renaissance & learning ecology

At AERA meeting lots of talk about research and stimilus package.


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