Inconsistent Hotel Wireless is Inexcusable

Am I alone in this?

I attend conferences.  I present.  I live blog.
At an upcoming conference I will live Tweet.
Lots and lots and lots of people do this.

Wireless access in hotel conference meeting rooms is usually unavailable, and when it does exist, its cost is prohibitive.

But lookit:  Most of the important information exchange that goes on in conventions, both offline, and online,  occurs in *meeting rooms*.

NOT in the lobby. NOT in the vendors’ barn.

We the people, need *free wireless access in meeting rooms.*

If  hotels need to cover their wireless costs by billing the convention’s host institution, so be it.
If that means paying higher annual for my association membership to cover such expenses, OK.

In short, I am saying that the failure of hotels and convention centers to provide wireless in EVERY meeting room simply *s–ks.*

Am I alone in this? Nope.

Check out these recent Twitter comments:

TomGreen: Did I mention the hotel wireless sucks?

Rmt3: skinnyblackgirl: my hotel’s wireless connection sucks.

Darren: darrenpereira: At the park central hotel. The wireless network here sucks!

Avatarpic-l: Esko: open office downloading at 9.2KB/sec. the wireless in this hotel SUCKS.looks like some stuff will have to wait until tomorrow.

Eks: kelsmith: thinks the wireless connectivity in this hotel sucks. Sorry, but it does. #csun09

Merc-30-logo-v7: mercurystate: Switched from wireless to hardwire… no speed improvement. The hotel just sucks.

Vectorcell-128: VectorCell: the hotel wireless connection sucks, I’m pretty sure that writing this research paper is going to be an uphill battle

Cat: LianLi: I’m at the hotel. Yay! Finally! Wireless internet sucks…..

Gray-av-100: Cryode: Hotel’s wireless internet sucks. Or mom’s laptop’s IE sucks. Probably a combo.

Mac_photo_6: kellylivesay: #sxsw should screen hotel suggestions better. LaQuinta sucks. No wireless in rooms! Never again…couch surfing next year IF I come.

Rooster: Caerus: I say it again..Hotel Wireless access sucks!

Rooster: Caerus: Hotel wireless sucks.


update 21 may 2010

Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco offers free wireless in guest rooms and meeting rooms. incroyable!

2 Responses to Inconsistent Hotel Wireless is Inexcusable

  1. I agree most hotel internet sucks. But not all blame should be placed on the hotel. I work for a company that provides HSIA for hotels. 50 percent of speed problems are from other guests killing the network with p2p and bittorent. Most hotels have a T1 or less internet connection that was put in place years ago when even a fractional T1 386/386kpbs was enough for anyone. But once more and more people started using high bandwidth app’s like video streaming this isnt enough but due to the cost most hotels do not upgrade, or they might be locked in by the ISP via a contract and cant back out.

    25 percent of the problems are the hardware at the hotel, as some of the infrastructure is 5+ years old and at this age the wireless usually isnt that great, Case in point, One of our best AP’s we use is the Gemtek P320, which isn’t available anymore, it is about 5yrs old and is only 802.11B, But when it works it works great, the only problem is they need to be rebooted once a day or more as the wireless signal will just drop off otherwise. The only other problem with hotel hardware is when the hotel goes cheap with consumer grade linksys crap that we cant reboot remotly and isnt really setup for doing large networks. But many hotels look at our 200$ price tag per AP on our ePoints and the 40$ pricetag on the linksys and tell us to F-off (and they wounder why we have to call them 3 times a day to reboot the non working routers) And for those who think hotels use a huge AP to feed all the rooms wireless, think again. most use 10-15 AP’s in a 100 room hotel. And up to 50 AP’s in a 400 room hotel. Think about the cost to replace 50 AP’s at 200$, not including if the old ones were PoE and you would also have to replace the old PoE system as well.

    20 Percent of the problems are ISP which we cant do nothing about, we call ISP, ISP says they look into it. ISP does nothing, we call more, Tech comes out, no problem, internet goes down, ISP says they will send a tech out again. This goes on for a month and then ISP realizes they had a bad modem.

    the last 5 percent is PEBCAK. Guest’s that think that 50% signal at 11mb’s a second is too slow to use lotus notes, they dont bother to check with tech support to see if we can improve signal, they also dont realize the hotel only has a 1.5mb internet line so that 11mb a second is still 8 times faster than what the internet line can put out. These are also the guests that must have internet connection on there bed, must have no agreement or sign on screen as it invaids there privacy and they dont care if it means anyone can get on the internet even if they are not guests at the hotel. (people please just click accept to get online, we dont care what you do unless you affect other guests or the equipment at the hotel). Oh and dont forget guests that have owned a laptop for 5 years and never noticed the wireless switch on the left that was on the off possition.

    If you have problems call hotel internet tech support, we are usually pretty helpful (most of us, avoid techs named kevin) And also hotels usually wont know theres a problem till someone calls with one, (cant fix something if we dont know what’s broken).

    And finnally not everything can be fixed right away, some AP’s are in guests rooms and cant always be rebooted till after the guest leaves which might not be for a few days. Sometimes replacement hardware takes a few days to ship, especially on the weekend. And finnaly if there is a hardware problem it can take weeks to troubleshoot depending on schedules, as we we have to reboot the device, check the cable, swap hardware and many other things before we can justify hardware replacement.

    But i do agree, hotel internet sucks and the staff’s attitude is a big reason. (who needs internet, its not important)

    • paul says:

      Hi Jasper.
      I appreciate your thoughtful and informative comments. I’ll digest this info and will share with colleagues.

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