Implications of emerging media platforms

sean mullen

This past Thursday communicators from across the UW-Madison campus heard Sean Mullen  discuss social media and higher education. Sean is VP/Creative Director/Partner at the Hiebing Group, a Madison agency.

Sean’s creative work has been recognized by Adweek, Ad Age, Archive, Communication Arts, Print’s Regional Design Annual, and Creativity Annual.

Sean discussed emerging social media technologies and their implications.  Emerging technologies include text messaging, social networks, and delivery of content over smart phones.

The implications of these technologies include:

We live in a 24/7/365 world. The technology is on even when it’s not on.

Your content/message must be portable and consistent across platforms

Expect users of your communication to co-opt your message

There is a lot of content out there. Content is the new currency. Your content must be desirable, whether it’s on YouTube or anywhere else.

Listen to the audio (mp3 35 min.)


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