Using Twitter strategically

marivic valencia of Broadcast Interactive Media discusses Twitter

At this morning’s social media breakfast-Madison Marivic Valencia of Broadcast Interactive Media discussed Twitter. Moving comfortably from the macro-level to the micro-level, she emphasized that Twitter provides most benefit when it’s integrated with other social media tools into a larger communication strategy.

She recommended setting fairly specific and measurable goals before even starting with Twitter. Will you use it to recruit? Are you selling something? Will you use Twitter for branding? Are you trying to generate media coverage or sales leads or speaking engagements? How do you/will you measure the success of your efforts, and how will you weight your criteria?

A dozen or so communicators—self-employed, campus-based, and private sector people—shared their stories and exchanged tips.

Look for more information on the LinkedIn group Social Media Breakfast-Madison


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  1. Jonathan Yankovich says:


    The “listen to the audio” link at is not working.

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