The People Side of Education Reform

We’re expecting about 45 education leaders to spend a day with us here at WCER on 10 February. They direct the state’s Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs).

They will have Q&A with UW-Madison Chancellor Carolyn “Biddy” Martin and Prof. Adam Gamoran about the UW-Madison and the School of Education, respectively.

They’ll talk with Sarah Archibald, Value-Added Research Center, about doubling student performance and finding the resources to do it.

They’ll hear from Prof. Allan Odden about  Strategic Management of Human Capital, a new WCER project that aims to improve student performance by increasing the talent level of teachers and principals, and by aligning all elements of the human capital management system.

Tony Milanowski, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, will discuss current best practices in teacher performance evaluation.

They’ll also talk with Steve Kimball, Consortium for Policy Research in Education, about principal performance evaluation: moving from school management to instructional leadership.

The theme of the 12th Annual WCER Conference is Human Capital: The People Side of Education Reform.


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