PRs as boundary spanners

Dawn Gilpin, co-author of Crisis Management in a Complex World, reflects on her upcoming course in public relations campaigns for her students at Arizona State U.  The course prospectus begins,

“The world of public relations is changing. One-way, media-driven communication is rarely the most effective means of conveying information, shaping attitudes and influencing behavior among stakeholders. Today’s PR practitioner engages in an array of ongoing conversations, and prepares campaigns based on in-depth understanding of the cultural, social, technological, and local dimensions of those conversations. Doing so may require various combinations of controlled and uncontrolled media, social media, formal presentations, events and initiatives, and other means.

“This course introduces students to the many ways in which they can identify and participate in these conversations, while providing an opportunity to synthesize and apply the theories, principles and techniques of public relations they have learned in previous courses.”


One Response to PRs as boundary spanners

  1. Dawn Gilpin says:

    Thanks for the link! I like musing “aloud” online about my course design, and test out new ideas.

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