Book Review: Now is Gone

now is gone

Now is gone:A Primer on new media for executives and entrepreneurs.
Geoff Livingston with Brian Solis.
Bartleby Press, 2007. 194 pp.

Marketing and PR professionals live in a world of constantly changing social media platforms.

Users want access to content anywhere and any time.

Marketing and PR professionals who successfully make the transition to this world have learned that “participation is marketing,” and that’s the theme of this book.

Geoff Livingston and Brian Solis have teamed up to offer a punchy little book that’s packed with insights into the principles that can guide communicators into, and through, the increasingly diverse and changing marketing environment.

Successful marketers will focus on social media principles rather than tactics, for example.

There is no more ‘audience.’ There are, instead, communities. By participating in online communities communicators can learn what the community wants and likes, and can create content that’s most valuable to it. The take away from this book: build value for your community, and work for them.

Public relations and marketing professionals who resist social media fail their companies and their clients.

Forget about pitching stories. Instead, engage in conversations. Social networks offer companies and organizations a way to engage potential community members outside of the confines of a corporate URL.

While PR 1.0 was all about controlling the message and broadcasting it, PR 2.0 encourages communicators to spark conversations to help people solve problems and discover new solutions.

This book is not intended as a primer, or a detailed how-to. It offers organizations and executives a foundation to help create social media strategies for their companies.

If even 15 to 25 percent of your buying community is using social media, or if a significant portion of your revenues are attributed to the right demographic, then it’s time to start and invest the necessary effort into new media strategies. … This important minority segment of your business will expand over time as adoption increases, and generations X and Y begin to dominate the workforce.

Create value for the community so they find your material worthwhile. This requires a) knowing what the community wants, b) understanding the intrinsic value the company has to offer, and c) being creative enough to deliver this value in a way that’s interesting and compelling.


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