More communications sessions at AERA


Educators with particular interests in communication, outreach, and dissemination will have plenty of opportunities to participate in discussions at AERA next month. I’ve mentioned one related session I’ll be involved in March 26. On March 27 I’ll moderate a panel on behalf of the Outreach and Communications committee: ‘Disseminating Education Research through Electronic Media: Advice from E-Journalists.’ Panelists will include Alexander Russo, This Week In Education; Andrew Rotherham, EduWonk; Jennifer Medina, New York Times; and Richard Colvin, Hechinger Institute, Columbia University.

Here are two three more that look promising:
A Presidential Session titled ‘Making a Difference in Policy & Practice: Communication, Education Research, and Civic Responsibility,’ set for Tuesday, March 25, at 4:05 p.m. Speakers include Susan Fuhrman, Teachers College, Columbia University; Alex Molnar, Arizona State University; and Diane Ravitch, New York University. The session aims to generate dialog about the obstacles and pathways in the communication process between researchers, policymakers, practitioners and relevant publics.

Another session, ‘The Media and Higher Education: Toward Better Communication,’ will feature Scott Jaschik, InsideHigherEd; Steve Drummond, National Public Radio; MaryBeth Marklein, USA Today; and Jeff Selingo, Chronicle of Higher Education. Tuesday, March 25, 2:15 p.m.

And another:
Communicating Educational Research: Issues and Examples
Wed, Mar 26 – 8:15am – 10:15am
Chair: Robert V. Labaree. Papers include:
“Connecting Educational Research With an Audience” by Gary Natriello;
“Evaluating the Effectiveness of Data Displays in Education Journals,” by Luke Duesbery and Jan McCoy;
“Examining Levers for Change: Southeastern State Initiatives to Improve High Schools,” by Julie Edmunds; and
“Web Video As a Public Sphere for Educational Researchers,” by Brian Hughes.


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