More examples of social media use

The January-February 2008 issue of IABC’s Communication World magazine covers business uses of social media for internal and external communication. Although we communicators in the education sector are not profit-driven, we can (and should, I believe) continue to adapt these ideas to our work.

I was happy to see that Kevin Keohane’s review of Andrew Keen’s snotty book, “The Cult of the Amateur,” agrees in large part with my rather huffy reaction.

Marc Wright discusses four ways to start integrating social media into internal communications, including staff directories user group forums, video library, and project wikis.

Shel Holtz writes about how social media can make an outdated intranet easier to use and make employees more productive.

C.C. Chapman’s article, “Making friends on the new media playground” discusses how to build online communities for your brand.

In “Blog logs a culture change,” Dianne Culhane discusses the Coca-Cola Company’s seven day Blog Blast, part of a larger 2006 initiative to encourage employees from the world over to meet in a virtual space and to talk freely about the company’s values.

Sue Khodarahmi’s article, “News vs. entertainment” shows that consumer magazines are less likely than newspaper web sites to use Web 2.0 tools.

In “Citizen-powered journalism Fills a void,” Angelo Ferando discusses how ordinary people share events in their world in (near) real time with blogs and camera phones.

Editor Natasha Nicholson asks us to identify our blog type: Are you a blaster? A trafficker? A philosopher?

And, finally, Debbie Kennedy ponders what Web 2.0 asks of us as communicators, and what role we communicators can play.




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