The starfish strategy

Robert Scoble’s piece in Fast Company (December/January) makes the case that expecting your Web site to be a destination all by itself is soooooo 1990s. Scoble notes that this season’s presidential candidates use what he calls a ‘starfish’ strategy. “A starfish has many legs radiating outward from its central core. It uses its legs to move toward its prey, which it will ultimately devour….”

Consider your Web site the belly of the starfish. Add legs to the starfish as new technologies emerge. For example:
Mitt Romney uses his blog to push audiences to other pieces of his communication ‘starfish’ where they can learn more.
Barack Obama’s campaign uses text messaging to send updates to (mostly young) people.
John McCain’s YouTube channel shares debate highlights, TV spots, and town hall footage.
John Edwards’s Flickr photo sharing site provides an inside look at his campaign.
Candidates also use social networking sites and Google Blog search to track what others are saying about them.

“Attract people into your sphere, entertain or engage then, and then close the deal,” Scoble says.


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