No online networking for Ohio teachers?

The Ohio Education Association strongly discourages teachers from using social-networking web sites such as MySpace and Facebook to create personal profiles or communicate with students, according to eSchool News. “OEA advises members not to join [these sites], and for existing users to complete the steps involved in removing their profiles,” the memo said. “While this advice might seem extreme, the dangers of participating in these two sites outweigh the benefits.” Several readers have posted pointed comments on the eSchool News article.

Long time teacher Greg T. says, “I am excited to see faculty using any social networking site as a means to maintain contact with students . . . as part of my action research project while in Pepperdine’s OMAET program I conducted extra “classroom” discussion with groups of students one evening a week using AIM . . . the Internet and communications tools offer a wealth of untapped opportunities for those who are willing to think outside the box (cliche, I know, but isn’t a classroom just a big brick and mortar box?) . . . Greg is also getting started with his new Constructing Meaning blog.


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