Your professor wrote something on your Wall

University of Wisconsin journalism professor Katy Culver is one of the growing number of professors creating their own Facebook profiles. “It’s a nice way to socially connect with current students — to, you know, let them see that you’re more than just this face droning in the front of the classroom during lecture,” Culver said.

Peter Brinson, a 27-year-old graduate student and sociology teaching assistant at UW, sets his profile so that his contact information is hidden. “I don’t really care if my students know what I did last weekend, but I do care whether students have my home phone number and know where I live,” Brinson said.

John Lucas, senior university relations specialist for UW communications, has had Facebook for several years and is just expanding his use of the site. He originally signed up to see what students were interested in and how they get information. In the last year or so we’ve been trying to figure out a way utilize Facebook … in terms of responding to a campus emergency,” Lucas said.

Read Teresa Welsh’s story in the Badger Herald: Professors know what you REALLY did last summer…”


2 Responses to Your professor wrote something on your Wall

  1. Greg says:

    I am excited to see faculty using any social networking site as a means to maintain contact with students . . . as part of my action research project while in Pepperdine’s OMAET program I conducted extra “classroom” discussion with groups of students one evening a week using AIM . . . the Internet and communications tools offer a wealth of untapped opportunities for those who are willing to think outside the box (cliche, I know, but isn’t a classroom just a big brick and mortar box?) . . .

    unfortunately, the chicken little’s of the world (and they seem to reside currently in Ohio) have seen fit to assume the worst and offer this warning . . .;_hbguid=49a1babb-b469-4a85-a273-292a0514d91d

  2. paul says:

    Thanks for the post, Greg, and for letting me know about your innovative work.
    The news article you link to is really interesting and worthy of a post in itself.

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