Improving research access and use

I’m already looking forward to next March, when I’ll participate in a panel of researchers and communicators addressing evidence-based strategies to improve research access and use. We will present at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

If all goes according to schedule, I’ll talk about measuring the effectiveness of social media.
Richard Colvin, Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media, will discuss cultivating education journalists in the context of recent changes in the news industry.
Ron Dietel of CRESST at UCLA will talk about improving research use: providing exemplars of research use; increasing teachers’ research knowledge, offering communications courses researchers before they enter the field; and the need for establishing a research center on research use.
Gene V. Glass, Fulton College of Education, Arizona State University, will discuss AERA’s role in disseminating facts and nurturing debate.
John Willinsky, Department of Language and Literacy Education, University of British Columbia, will talk about evidence-based strategies to improve research access and use, including encouraging journal publishers to provide open access.


2 Responses to Improving research access and use

  1. sarahpuglisi says:

    Sounds all great. I’m looking forward this year to the trip. I haven’t been in New York in a long time so I need a day just for art and friends and family there. Well, okay a week. And then for improving my work. I do know several of the participants including Judith Green who is so very excellent. Yikes. I have to get signed up/in.
    Sarah Puglisi

  2. […] have plenty of opportunities to participate in discussions at AERA next month. I’ve mentioned one related session I’ll be involved in March 26. On March 27 I’ll moderate a panel on behalf of the […]

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