A challenge to professional comm organizations

“I’m quite happy to keep forking out my association memberships if I can see that at the very least those associations are furthering understanding of the profession and setting and maintaining sufficiently high standards so the public doesn’t get ripped off and that when I go to a party I don’t get called a spin doctor or – worse – ‘perpetrator of the black arts’. Because that’s not what I do,” writes Catherine Arrow in PR Conversations.

In the post “Where Next for Professional Organizations” she writes, “As a member, I want to see those assocations visible and working everywhere – not just in mainstream, but in Facebook too, or where I can Stumbleupon them by chance as I link in to another group. I don’t want to have to wait six months to find out how much a conference is going to cost me next June nor do I want an old-school hard copy magazine with information that is weeks out of date, when in my network I can have accurate, albeit competing information to hand in seconds.”

“Like everyone else,” she continues, “professional associations must surely realise that their business model has changed and that they must work out how to fit/create/devise their new one – fast. I just hope that in our sector, the associations will use the kind of swift response mechanisms most practitioners are used to using in order to facilitate change.Otherwise, why should I click the ‘renew’ button next time around?”

(via Tough Sledding)


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