Shel Israel on social networking


Author and blogger Shel Israel writes about insights gained during recent work with SAP, the world’s third-largest software company. You can read the story in the New Communications Review, published by the Society for New Communications Research; here are some highlights:

• Social networking is the most relevant and sustainable tool in our global workshed. Local, regional and global versions are growing and morphing even as they imitate each other.

• If you want to know what your business will look like in five years, go talk to you kids. Watch their habits. They will make more decisions based on friendship than marketing.

• At about the point when early adopters get bored, large organizations feel it is safe to adopt. Current example: blogs. They’re old news in the Silicon Valley and suddenly hot in the enterprise. Future example: online video. It’s hot in the Valley, but no yet ready for prime time in the enterprise.

• Where there is broadband, there is social networking.

• The company most mentioned in the SAP Global Survey was “Facebook.” Surprisingly little discussed: Google. Mentioned twice in 40 conversations: Microsoft.


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