“Basic skills” are changing

David Warlick argues for the need to catch up with K-12 students’ knowledge and use of communication technology in the National School Boards Association blog, BoardBuzz. In a three-part interview first published in April, he expands on several compelling points:
“. . We are preparing our children for a world that is vastly different from the one we were taught about. We should think about this from three different perspectives. First, from a world perspective, thinking about a marketplace that has changed – an increasingly global marketplace. . .
“Second . . . most of our children are growing up within an information experience that is incredibly rich and compelling, and rendering what happens in their classrooms as almost irrelevant. . . . . For our children, information is a raw material, something to be worked with, mixed and remixed, and built into something new and valuable.
“And finally, the information landscape itself has changed dramatically in the last dozen years. Information is digital, networked, and it is overwhelming, and each of these qualities impacts directly on what it means to be literate. Our notions of the basic skills must expand to reflect the information environment that our children are growing up in.”


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