Book review: Educator’s Podcast Guide

educators podcast guide

“Finally, a technology that helps bridge the gap between content delivery and the video game generation,” writes Bard Williams in his new book, Educator’s Podcast Guide (International Society for Technology in Education, 2007, 279 p.).

Williams is a veteran educator and tech guru who has written 300 articles and a dozen or so books on things technological — palm handhelds, smart phones, mobile technology, and the internet. He runs an education marketing and consulting company called Techthree.

Part One of the Guide includes an introduction to podcasting, how to integrate podcasts in the classroom, and how to evaluate podcasts for classroom use. Part Two provides overviews of about 100 education podcasts arranged by content area. Topics include general education and administration, educational technology, mathematics and science, English and language arts, social sciences, fine arts, physical education and health, foreign languages, and news and research, among others.

If you want to jump in and start producing your own podcast, Williams discusses the software and hardware options and helps you think through planning the content and publicizing your product.

ISTE is a nonprofit worldwide professional organization for leaders in education technology.


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