Public Relations = Google Relations

Maybe we should rename Public Relations “Google Relations.” Google’s search engine technology has changed the practice of public relations that much, says Greg Miller, President, Marketcom PR.

Every student of PR, and every practitioner, surely realizes that Google has upset the PR paradigm. As Miller points out, “every piece of public information about your company—the good, the bad, the ugly—lives on the Web more or less forever.”

Search engine technology makes every relevant piece of information available to anyone, at any time, as long as they have a computer and Internet access, Miller says.
Add-ons like Google Alert push information to the user instantly, and most of the content is not produced or controlled by the company named in the alert.

For PR and marketing professionals this means your audiences get information about your company as quickly as you do. It means that the media uses Google as a primary news source in its coverage about your organization. Blogs report, or distort, information about your organization in ways that are nearly impossible to prevent or, once posted, take down.

Miller recommends several things you can do, among them:
* Conduct an audit of how your organization is represented in the search engine database.
* Use the power of the new media. For example, post a video on YouTube. Consider a sponsored blog. Think about buying a Google Ad.

Thanks to The Daily Dog


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