An education researcher-blogger

Here’s something we’ll see more of in months and years to come: researchers who blog about their work. Christie Keeler blogs about the daily progress she makes in her research writing. She’s a visiting assistant professor of education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In addition to her research, Christie works at least fifteen minutes per weekday on writing and meets regularly with a writing circle. Check out her Keeler Research blog where she has posted about joining the governing board for AERA’s IT group. She posts her professional portfolio here and includes some of her favorite reads.


One Response to An education researcher-blogger

  1. Thank you for “authority” ranking. I’m very new to blogging and and just trying to learn all the “new lingo.” Just a correction, my professional portfolio is at

    The portfolio you cite above is a sample portfolio my students use when designing their personal portfolios. Therefore, the cited readings are not my favorites (though they are good), just examples for students).

    Also, though I try to write 15 minutes per day, I do a lousy job at it. I tend to do lots of writing around deadlines and no writing at other times. I do try to keep regular with my writing pursuits; it really does help with productivity.

    My blogs include: (where I blog conference notes) (announces educational events in the Las Vegas community) (a sample portfolio for students) (where I report on my daily research progress)

    Thank you again for the review of my work! I look forward to reading more about you!

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