Communicating research via old and new media

Educators, researchers, and their professional organizations are being challenged to improve communication with the public, to embrace new media (blogs, RSS news feeds, podcasts, video) as dissemination and communication channels, and to realize that it’s important to work with even those journalists not employed by a traditional a print daily newspaper.

So here’s a session I’ll be sure to attend at this year’s years annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association: Going public: Q&A with the media on communicating your research.

Chaired by Joe O’Reilly (Mesa Public Schools) and Larry McQuillan (American Institutes for Research), this session provides an opportunity to hear from, and interact with, journalists Stephanie Banchero (Chicago Tribune) and Alexander Russo (This Week in Education).

This will be an important session. It offers educators and researchers the differing perspectives of a journalist from a huge, syndicated news corporation that has adopted online channels (check out the Trib’s RSS feeds and blogs) and from an independent journalists who chooses to communicate via a blog. In fact, Russo’s blog has attracted so many readers it has been adopted into the Education Week family. I expect a crowded room at this session.


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