Big conference, big appetites

I wasn’t surprised to learn that 10,000 had registered for this week’s conference of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. The Anaheim convention center was a beehive of activity, with multiple dozens of breakout sessions and workshops going on simultaneously across multiple sites. More than 50 brave folks got up far too early on Sunday morning to talk with me about new media and its possibilities for K-12 education communications. They were hungry to learn as much as possible. As usual in a session like this, audience comments ranged from, “What exactly is a podcast?” to “Our district produces a podcast that includes video and documents that can be edited and shared.” I agree with those who wrote in their evaluations that they wished that we had half a day, rather than just an hour, to talk about the strengths and limitations of blogs, podcasts, newsfeeds, wikis, social networking and tagging and bookmarking. I hope that folks will take me up on my offer to talk individually over the next weeks and months about their particular situation and what they’d like to accomplish.


2 Responses to Big conference, big appetites

  1. Laura Varlas says:

    hi Paul–great blog! Found the Naperville district article especially interesting.

    Please shoot me an email if you’re interested in writing an article based on your ASCD presentation.

    Best, Laura

  2. paul says:

    Will do. I have some ideas to run by you. Paul

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