Legal considerations for corporate blogging policy

Amanda Chapel is an exacting and often harsh critic of the public relations profession and its practitioners. I’d heard some top-tier bloggers talk about getting ripped by her acid tongue, but in my humble corner of the blogosphere I felt insulated, below her radar screen, and I had forgotten about her.
Until today, when she commented on my most recent post.

Paul: Uh-oh. This is gonna hurt.
God of Blogging: Buck up, old boy. Consider her attention a kind of compliment.
Paul: Maybe it’s rite of passage into blogging adulthood.

I was pleasantly surprised. In her own sweetly venomous way, Amanda points us to a resource that I think a lot of people may find useful. It’s a document about legal considerations of setting corporate blogging guidelines, written by a couple of attorneys.
It’s worth a read.
Thanks, Amanda.


2 Responses to Legal considerations for corporate blogging policy

  1. Kevin Guidry says:

    Can you please point us to her original post?

  2. Bill Sledzik says:


    I’ve taken some heat for admitting that I’m a Strumpette fan. I enjoy the satire, although it’s pretty biting, and downright uncivil at times. But hey, bloggers need a thick skin, and “Amanda” helps toughen us up.

    I will take Strumpette’s creators to task for not crediting Judy Gombita for suggesting that link to Judy did it on a comment to my blog about 6-7 hours before Amanda posted to yours. It came in the midst of an interesting tiff Amanda was having with PR/social-media blogger, Kami Huyse, in my comments to this post:

    Maybe it’s the academic in me, but I try to give credit where credit is due. I know Judy didn’t write the post, but I’d bet the ranch Amanda found it because of the comment. At the risk of drawing her ire, I thought I’d call her on it. Just for fun.

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