Connecting the dots of business blogging

Paul Gibler of ConnectingDots discussed “Cutting through the blog fog” at today’s meeting of the IABC Madison chapter. Gibler drew from his many years of corporate communication experience and from managing his own consulting business and its related blogs. He shared examples of good corporate blogs, large and small, and how to use search engines and news aggregators. He cited Pew Internet studies of the blogosphere and showed how audience demographics, reputation management, and potential advertising income combine to make a case for business blogging. He also shared a wealth of blogging resources in print and online.


2 Responses to Connecting the dots of business blogging

  1. A PR guy cutting through the fog? You lost me in the first sentence.

    Here, anything less than this is silly PR crap. Note the authors’ creds: Alysa N. Zeltzer and John E. Villafranco are attorneys with Kelley Drye Collier Shannon in Washington, D.C. Zeltzer specializes in advertising, privacy, and data security litigation and counseling. Villafranco provides litigation and counseling services to corporations involved in privacy and information security, advertising and marketing.

    – Amanda

  2. paul says:

    That’s a good resource, and thanks for the pointer. Lots of organizations still don’t have blogging policies in place, and the document you cite is well worth reading.

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