Links for 14 february

Here’s some juicy link love for Valentine’s Day:
A San Diego history teacher steps down as a chaperone for a popular East Coast trip after someone complains about his MySpace page, but he says he did nothing wrong. And a Virginia teacher is fired for posting a video on YouTube.

More teachers are assigning homework via mp3 audio players. Students say they enjoy it, and vendors like Audible, Pearson Education, and Playaway are pretty happy too.

(via NASSP)

SHIFT Communications, the people who brought us the template for a Social Media Press Release, now unveil a “Social Media Newsroom” template. The template aims to encourage thought about how institutions might present themselves to broader audiences and to motivate greater participation and openness.

YouTube has gotten in trouble for allowing kids to post copyrighted videos on its site, but says that content will stay posted until media companies formally complain. Now says it has the technology to block kids (and adults for that matter) from posting pirated video clips. So what will YouTube do?

(via Bulldog Reporter)



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