Interactive campaigns and press releases

Peter Dao, Internet strategist for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, says Clinton’s team hopes to make her campaign as interactive as possible and said the opportunities today are far advanced over just a few years ago.
(Thanks to Bulldog Reporter)

Do press releases still work? Are ‘social media’ press releases an improvement? Robert Scoble says, “I really don’t get why society needs a stupid press release. Just give us a damn demo of your product and tell us about it.” Brian Solis of PR 2.0 says, “It all starts with the need to tell a better story in a way that means something to someone. One release no longer serves everyone. With wire services and savvy web marketers placing them in search engines as well as news desks, it’s now more important than ever, to improve the foundation.”
(Thanks to Sally Falkow’s The Leading Edge)


3 Responses to Interactive campaigns and press releases

  1. Brian Solis says:

    Good press releaeses still work and well-written, poignant new media releases will also work. We can’t write for one audience any longer…

  2. paul says:

    Agreed. And one of the beauties of setting up RSS news feeds for your organization is that you can allow your audiences to pick and choose the kind of news they want.

  3. PR2.0 says:

    Dont Kill the Press Release, Shoot the Messenger

    The idea behind the new media release is to improve the foundation, content, and relevance of information and distribute it in a way that allows journalists, bloggers and even people to read, use, and share the information – in concert with other f…

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