Communicating with video at UW-Madison

Communicators in departments across the Madison campus are using new media to share their messages with their many publics. At Thursday’s meeting Jeff Lenzen showed how health services communications uses video news releases.

Tam Flarup and Eric Rush of Badger Athletics commmunications demonstrated how they produced promotional videos and training tips from coaches.

Barb Smith of Instructional Media Development Center shared ideas on using video and new media in story telling.

Brian Rust of the Department of Instructional Technology (DoIT) presented webcasts of the antarctic “Ice Cube” neutrino detector project and Hector DeLuca’s Vitamin D research.

And talk about putting a human face on research: Although not part of Thursday’s presentation, here’s a clip of WCER researcher and FAST director Lynn McDonald discussing her research in family relations from her perspective as a parent.


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