NSBA tech conference; Digital Board winners

I’m looking forward to leading a roundtable discussion about blogs, podcasts, and other social media next week at the NSBA T+L conference in Dallas.

Conference strands include assessment and evaluation; leadership and vision; learning and teaching; productivity and professional practice; social, legal, and ethical issues; and support, management, and operations.

I expect to meet tons of friendly, knowledgeable people, and I always enjoy touring the vendor exhibits (350 this year, I understand).

By the way, NSBA and The Center for Digital Education have announced the winners of the 2006 Digital School Boards Survey. The Mansfield Independent School District, Board of Trustees in Texas took first place in the category of school boards serving 15,000 or more students. The School Board of Henry County, Va., and Vail School District Governing Board in Arizona tied for first in the category of 2,501 to 15,000 students. Jefferson City Schools Board of Education in Georgia is the first place winner in the category of less than 2,500 students.

The survey examines how school boards and their districts apply information technology to better engage local communities and constituents, and improve service delivery and quality of education to public schools. Survey questions and criteria center on school boards’ online presence, technology applications that allow the public to interact with school board members, access to information such as school board calendars, policies and agendas, and technology advancements in the school board meeting rooms.


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