More tips from the insiders

Matt Winkle agrees with Robert Scoble’s view that anyone who runs a blog or web site and does not provide an RSS feed “should be fired.” But Matt takes it farther and insists that any higher ed institution webmaster that doesn’t provide at least 100 RSS feeds should be fired. (Wow. Does ANYbody?) In Friday’s round of presentations at the Academic Impressions conference he showed how The College of New Jersey makes innovate use of RSS (including multiple enclosures) and how he brought together people from different departments to make everything work.

Joe Hice showed how the U of Florida at Gainesville got its podcast and vodcast offerings up and running and how he added new media capacity to his news office without adding additional staff. He’s making good use of visiting speakers and archived speeches to add compelling audio content to his site. The tools of podcast production and promotion are easy to use, Joe said. The challenge lies in championing podcasting as a tool at your organization.

Bill Mahon talked today about how his team has transformed internal communications at Penn State U. The Penn State Live site draws content from around campus and offers nearly 40 news feeds, from sports to science, from regional news to updates from satellite campuses. The site not only serves acts as a 24-hour press office; it also encourages users to shop for university related products and services, including event tickets, hotel rooms, and dinners at campus restaurants. His staff developed a widget that provides users with continual updates from the news office. It’s this kind of thinking that has propelled to the site to being one of the largest news sources in the state.


3 Responses to More tips from the insiders

  1. Great meeting you this week. Your presentations (and your delivery of them) were great. This was one of the best conferences I’ve attended in terms of information sharing, conversation and things I’ll be taking home to think about.

    In our closing session, we pulled together some of the ideas in a blog at — It would be great to have your input there as well.

  2. […] 10/27 UPDATE: Summaries and thoughts from session faculty Paul Baker and Charlie Melichar. […]

  3. paul says:

    Thanks Charlie. It was nice to finally meet you. Thanks for the ponter to the blog, too.

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