Getting to the heart through the ears

Dennis Miller of Mansfield U. brings a love of radio and music into his public relations work as he creates podcast series episodes of student experiences over their first year on campus and interviews faculty and administration revealing them to be—guess what—human beings with hearts, aspirations, and disappointments. This guy knows how to interview.

Early on, he moved 80% of his organization’s advertising budget to broadcast, mostly radio, and specifically to the kind of music and programming that would appeal to what he considers the primary audience for college recruiters: mothers and high-school age females. Ask him sometime about his reasoning and he’ll convince you he’s right.

He emphasized the importance of television in shaping young people’s perceptions of their worlds, and how a popular sitcom featuring a student attending a certain urban university drummed up huge amounts of interest in applying for admission there.

His case studies showed how he used radio and TV to measurably increase enrollment in his institution’s nursing program and forensics program.


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