Integrating interactive technologies into PR

I’m joining several presenters from around the country for the next couple days here in sunny Orlando at a social media conference put together by Academic Impressions. I’ll talk about the whys and wherefores of blogging and the ins and outs of measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of using social media. Other presentations will focus on examining today’s audiences and their communication preferences, crafting messages for key audiences, integrating news feeds and podcasts into a communication strategy, and using social media for internal communications.


3 Responses to Integrating interactive technologies into PR

  1. I look forward to reading your impressions of the conference. Hope you can share some insights with us.

    Andrew Careaga

  2. Robin says:

    Paul – your presentation was interesting, relevant and quite timely for me as we (the university and the news services department) prepare to launch new web sites, an online newsroom and new technology first of the year. Thanks so much for your insight (or should I say foresight?), expertise and good humor. Did I foget patience???!
    Thanks again for memorable and meaingful presentations.

  3. paul says:

    Robin, thanks for the comment, and good luck with your new projects.
    RE: your new web site: I served on an advisory panel when the UW-Madison rolled out its new web site, and that was an interesting project of a year’s duration.
    I want to see your online news room when it’s ready. Send me a head-up!

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