Monthly research podcast and newsletter posted

As part of my work at WCER I distribute a monthly summary of education research, via email and in a 7- or 8-minute podcast. You can find archived issues of the email newsletter here, and you can subscribe to the podcast version here. The content spans the range of education research, including assessment and intervention in special education; child care, family, and community; educational policy and accountability studies; educational technology; mathematics and science education; and teaching, learning, and professional development.

Update 6 December: I’ve removed the archived issues as they more or less duplicate content found on the WCER site.


2 Responses to Monthly research podcast and newsletter posted

  1. Paul…do you have any readership/download stats regarding the newsletter versus the podcast?

  2. paul says:

    Hi Mark. I have really good e-newsletter stats, thanks to the WiscList listserv. It reports for each month’s issue what percentage were successfully delivered, and what percent were actually opened. It’s difficult to measure podcast downloads, though, because most of the many directories where I have the podcasts listed don’t provide stats. Feedburner tells me how many subscribers I have, and how many bots have pinged the site, but I don’t know how many people actually listen to a given episode. I think we could more successfully measure podcast downloads by tracking them on our own server, and we are discussing changes we can make.

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