YouTube: take it seriously

It’s easy to spend a little too much time watching goofy video clips on YouTube. I’ve done it. But the content on YouTube is growing way beyond Stupid Pet Tricks. Political campaigns are posting unflattering videos of their opponents there, and people are watching. As more and more people log on to the Net with high-speed connections, posting and watching video becomes easier. Two Minnesota candidates for national office are taking advantage of that–posting clips of news conferences and photo opps that undermine each other’s public claims. The campaigns could post the clips just about anywhere, but the fact that they’re including YouTube in their political strategy makes one sit up and take notice.


One Response to YouTube: take it seriously

  1. leon says:

    With over a 100 million downloads I’m not surprised they’re taking notice. The new media is growing and influencing everything in the old. Only a fool would try to ingore it at this point.

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