PR and social media: 4 conversations

In the fourth in a series of related posts, Shel Israel interviews Shel Holtz, who has interesting things to say about social media in general, and blogging and podcasting in particular. To people thinking about getting started with social media tools, he advises, “Read. Read, read, read. And listen. Then start to participate in other people’s blogs and podcasts. Understand the environment before becoming a communicator within it yourself. . . . “

In related posts, Kami Huyse talks about how blogging has changed her perspective on business. “I feel like I have been in an aggressive graduate-level study program for the last year, I have learned so much. One of the biggest challenges I faced was the notion that I would have to be up-front and center about my opinions. . . . ” Brian Oberkirch says, “Social media is about connection, not content. Social media is about them, not you. Social media may be cheaper initially, but it takes far more homework.” David Parmet advises communicators to “. . . make sure that social media is integrated into every plan – and not viewed as a separate practice.”


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