PR and the Presidency

More than 300 chief PR officers and 600 college and university presidents contibuted information to the book, “Public Relations and the Presidency: Strategies and Tactics for Effective Communications” (CASE Books). I’ll have detailed comments about this book in weeks to come, but for now I’ll say that the 20 chapters are contributed by dozens of writers and offer case studies on the topics PR: A foundation for discussion; Organizing for optimal success; and Enduring challenges for PR. A chapter on new media, contrbuited by Michael Stoner (Lipman Hearne) makes several sound points: In an age in which so many relationships are mediated by the Web, an institution’s brand will take on extraordinary significance. But staffing and funding Web development will be an ongoing challenge because technology is evolving so rapidly. He also says to “expect tectonic shifts as alumni and others come to demand a deeper relationship with their institutions simply because interactive communication allows them to have one.”


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