WordPress adds tag surfer utility

Perhaps taking a hint from Technorati, Flickr, del.icio.us, and others, WordPress now offers its bloggers the ability to subscribe to a list of tags that match their interests. The tag list default mode begins with the same ‘category’ names you set up in your own blog. The explanation reads, “This is a collection of posts around WordPress.com from people talking about the same stuff that you do. Beta! You can add tags you want to follow on the left-hand side, and also remove tags that you aren’t that interested in.” I’ve been playing with it and unsubscribing from some tags that cast too wide a net. I’ll try adding a few and monitoring their usefulness, keeping in mind the search seems to limit itself to WordPress blogs only.

tag surfer

Correction 16 August: WordPress tag search allows one to search any tag of interest across a number of engines:



One Response to WordPress adds tag surfer utility

  1. Isn’t that cool? It’s how I found your blog, for example. Neat!

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