Better a teacher than a journalist

Teaching is among six occupations perceived to have “very great” prestige, according to the annual Harris Poll measuring public perceptions of 23 professions and occupations. And journalism ranks among those at the bottom of the prestige scale. Ouch. That’s too close for comfort. When Harris Interactive(R) sampled of 1,020 U.S. adults in July, firefighters were ranked has having prestige occupations by 63% of respondents, followed by doctors (58%), nurses (55%), scientists (54%), teachers (52%) and military officers (51%). The lowest ratings for “very great prestige” go to real estate brokers (6%), stockbrokers (11%), business executives (11%), actors (12%), union leaders (12%), journalists (12%) bankers (17%), accountants (17%), and entertainers (18%).

(via MiniMediaGuy)


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