Does your web site communicate?

“Every week I speak with districts, and some are very proud to show off how much money they invested in their web site with a designer,” says Elliott Levine, vice president of SchoolSpan Inc. “But there’s no updated content. With only a few weeks left in the school year, why is the superintendent’s letter still welcoming [students] back to school?” Here’s an even better question, says Nora Carr, Columnist, eSchool News: “If interactivity, relevant content, and fresh, fast-breaking news characterize powerful web sites, why is a message from the superintendent even posted? Blame our print newsletter and brochure training.”

Some site features that earn points: Interactive features, email subscription options, new content, daily updates, emergency notices for parents, and quick download times. Multiple content authors, posting content developed by students and faculty members, limiting PDF use, and keeping essential data within “three clicks or less.”


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