A day in the life of a twentysomething

My life goes like this: Every morning, before I brush my teeth, I sign in to my Instant Messenger to let everyone know I’m awake, writes Theodora Stites in the New York Times. “I check for new e-mail, messages or views, bulletins, invitations, friend requests, comments on my blog or mentions of me or my blog on my friends’ blogs. Next I flip open my phone and check for last night’s Dodgeball messages. Dodgeball is the most intimate and invasive network I belong to. . . . I scroll through the messages to see where my friends went last night, and when, tracking their progress through various bars and noting the crossed paths. I check the Google map that displays their locations and proximity to one another. . . . I log on to my Friendster, Facebook, MySpace and Nerve accounts to make sure the mail bars are rising with new friend requests, messages and testimonials.. . .”

(via EdBlogger News)



One Response to A day in the life of a twentysomething

  1. […] To be young and write for the Times! My life isn’t quite that dependent on technology, but I do live on IM and I often check email before I’m fully awake. I also check to see if my torrent files finished downloading from the night before. But to have what is called an “offline life” is completely wacky to me. (via EducationPR) Oh, Mary Ellen… […]

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