Making your site Google friendly

Communicators want their online material to be helpful and easy to find. Google offers a series of tips for making your site Google-friendly, including: give visitors the information they’re looking for, make sure that other sites link to yours, and build your site with a logical link structure. There’s also a list of things to avoid.
In addition Google offers detailed Webmaster guidelines and how to add your site to Google’s search results.
There. Now I expect to see your site in the Top 10.


2 Responses to Making your site Google friendly

  1. I wish to make my institutions site google friendly .It should pop up in the first page.Tell me how

  2. paul says:

    Hi Mr. Khan. That’s a very ambitious goal. When I do a Google search for university jammu, it is the first to appear in the list. When I do a Google search for university India, it’s farther down the list. What search terms would you like to optimize your site for? For a certain department or program?

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