Proving your worth

The marketing and corporate communication we’ve known in the past is going the way of the dinosaur, says Mark Weiner of Delahaye Medialink Worldwide. Anecdotal observations about PR’s contribution to company objectives don’t cut it, and having no way to measure PR’s contributions is professional suicide.

In an article written for IABC’s Communication World, Weiner reports that only half of 100 professional communicators surveyed agreed with the statement, “My communications program objectives are measurable.”

Year after year, respondents agree that generating press clippings volume is the most common and most meaningful goal for a successful PR campaign. And year after year, PR’s internal clients say that press clipping volume is the least important measure of all, and that top management’s being aware of communication objectives doesn’t mean that they support them. Senior executives would much prefer to see programs that deliver messages to target audiences, raise awareness, change attitudes and, finally, affect behavior. (Communication World, April-May 2003, pp. 24-27)



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