Great resources from EuroBlog 2006

Public relations and social software was the focus of EuroBlog 2006: International Research Symposium, and the folks have kindly posted several of the presentations for download and review.

Topics include:
Weblogs and participatory communications: A theoretical framework (PDF, 4.3 MB), presented by Elizabeth Albrycht

Results of the first European survey on weblogs in Public Relations and Communication Management (PDF, 1 MB), Swaran Sandhu

Weblogs, Podcasts and Communication Management: Conclusions from the EuroBlog2006 survey (PDF, 0.2 MB), Philip Young

Blog Usability (PDF, 10 MB), Børge Kristensen, University of Copenhagen & Trine-Maria Kristensen, Social Square, Copenhagen, Denmark

New Communicators and Gatekeepers Bloggers as Trendsetters (PDF, 0.2 MB), Dr Jan Schmidt

Social Software, Business Excellence and Communication Strategies: A framework for using weblogs, podcasts, wikis and RSS (PDF, 1.7 MB), Dr Ansgar Zerfass


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