Using WordPress search stats

WordPress tracks how people get to your blog. Beyond listing the sites that refer readers to you, it maintains a 7-day list of search terms people used, that landed them on your blog. It looks like this:

WordPress search terms

Don't ignore that valuable information. You can use it to help choose the content of future posts. You can use it to optimize your blog. You can do your own searches using these terms to see what comes up. The will let you see your blog in the context your users see it.
I have begun filing the search terms in Excel and sorting through them:

sorted search

This data dump will prove increasingly valuable.


2 Responses to Using WordPress search stats

  1. Hello Paul, that’s a very good idea. I have never done as you have suggested but it often surprises me also to see what are the most viewed posts of my own blog. Like a lot of evaluation – it surprises becauses it is contrary to what our intuition tells us!

  2. paul says:

    There certainly are surprises. And come to think of it, analyzing referring sites probably wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.
    Thanks for the work you share in your blog. I subscribe to your news feed.

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