Update on Google News

Thanks to Dan Karleen for pointing out how one can subscribe to Google Alerts via RSS feeds. I personally prefer this to receiving emails. And this solves my problem: now I can get both Google and Technorati alerts in one convenient place; namely, my news aggregator. (I use SAGE.)
All you need to do is go to http://www.news.google.com, then key in the word or phrase you want to track. You'll get a results screen like this:
google news alerts

Then you just click and drag the "RSS" icon into your news reader, and you're set. 


2 Responses to Update on Google News

  1. Dan Karleen says:

    One clarification: news.google.com includes news sources and some blogs. It does not include the entire body of content searchable via google.com, although in my experience the alerts reflect some overlap.

  2. Dan Karleen says:

    The other nice thing about RSS-fed alerts is that you can share them via an OPML subscription list. 🙂

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