Questions I’ll ask at EWA conference

Although I've been an associate member of the Education Writers Association for a number of years, this will be the first time I'll have attended the annual conference. I look forward to meeting my communication colleagues stationed in schools, colleges, and governmental agencies, and to meeting journalists who work to make the complex undertaking of education more understandable (and perhaps provocative) to readers locally, regionally, and nationally.
I hope to find opportunity to ask lots of questions at the conference, including some related to how new communications technology can be used more effectively, and some questions about education journalism in general:
To what extent, if at all, do journalists use as news sources the blogs and podcasts that are produced by educators, researchers, administrators, parents, and students? Why is this the case?
To what extent do journalists and newspapers use blogs or podcasts to distribute their work? Is there any incentive to do so?
What additional tools and information resources would journalists find most useful as they write about education issues?
Why is relatively little attention given to issues of teaching and learning in local and regional newspapers?
What could communicators and journalists do to bring more into public view the fact that teachers are compensated so modestly when compared to professionals in other fields? (I ask this as the brother, son, nephew, and in-law of former or current K-12 teachers).


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